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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Preview: Sagar Alias Jacky

Mohanlal's latest flick Sagar Alias jackie Reloaded is completed and will hit the theatres soon.It is the second part of irupatham Nootandu,one among the evertime hits od 1980's.Sagar, alias Jackie, is a challenging role, a character that could turn out to be a milestone in Mohanlal's acting career. Way back in 1987, Mohanlal played the lead role in Irupathaam Noottandu directed by K. Madhu. It was a role that catapulted him into superstardom.

And now 22 years later, Mohanlal once again gets to play a character of the same name in Sagar alias Jackie, a film directed by cinematographer-turned-director Amal Neerad. Sagar alias Jackie is Amal Neerad's second film as a director, his first being Big B. The makers of Sagar alias Jackie have already declared that though the name of the protagonist is taken from Irupathaam Noottandu, it's not a sequel. It's an action thriller set in today's changed scenario.

Scripted by S.N. Swamy, the man who did the script for Irupathaam Noottandu and many action flicks including the CBI Diarykurippu series, Sagar alias Jackie tells the story of one of the most powerful underworld dons - Sagar alias Jackie. He is based in Dubai and has international connections. Sagar is forced to come to India when he gets implicated in something with which he has nothing to do at all. It has to do with an explosion and Jackie is forced to come face to face with those who want to trap him. What all happens then forms the plot of Sagar alias Jackie, which reportedly has been shot in the style of the Bond movies.

Mohanlal's son Pranav, who had acted earlier as a child artist in Punarjani and Onnaman, appears in a crucial scene in Sagar alias Jackie. Bhavana plays the role of Namitha Menon, a television journalist. According to the latest reports the film will hit the theatreson this march 27.
Trailors and music of Sagar Alias jackie Reloaded is already launched.

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