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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

'Sagar Alias Jacky reloaded' is Coming With No Minimum Guarantee

Mohanlal and his producer Aashirvad Cinemas Antony Perumbavoor are distributing their big budget action extravaganza Sagar alias Jacky, directed by Amal Neerad through their new concern Maxlab Cinemas & Entertainment Limited.

Remember all these years, Antony Perumbavoor has been only a producer and has been distributing his films for the first few years through Swargachitra and later through Central Pictures. Now for the first time they are going to distribute the film through their newly set up distribution concern Maxlab.

After Kurukshetra, Mohanlal's next big budget film Sagar Alias Jackie is in the shadow of a tug of war between the producer and theatre owners on the issue of `minimum guarantee'. The film was scheduled to release on March 26.Antony wanted to be innovative in his new business and asked theatres in Kerala for a Minimum Guarantee (MG). The way film business of superstars is run in Kerala is to raise money from theatres as advance, which will be settled after the film completes its run.

But the majority of theatres in Kerala has just refused to pay MG, and is only willing to play the film on terms. It is a setback of sorts for Maxlab as now the entire risk has to be taken by them.It clearly indicates that even Mohanlal cannot get an MG in Kerala! Sagar alias Jacky releases on March 27 in nearly 100 screens across Kerala. A lot is riding on the film for Mohanlal and his favourite producer.

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