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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preview: Bhagavan

Mohanlal's 17 hour movie Bhagavan is completed and ready for release.Here is the preview of the movie Bhagavan.Bhagavan, directed by debutant Prashanth Mampilly, is already very much in the news. The film, which has Mohanlal in the lead, created news on account of it being a full-length commercial movie to be shot in just one day - within 17 hours to be precise.

Bhagavan narrates the things that take place in a hospital in the span of two hours, from 9 am to 11 am, on a very crucial day. Dr. Balagopal is a noted gynecologist who works in that hospital. It's his wedding anniversary. The time is 9 a.m. All other doctors have gone on their rounds. Balagopal too is getting ready to see his patients when a shocking news reaches him. Some terrorists have sneaked into the hospital and have kidnapped the daughter of the Home Minister Zachariah Thomas. They have also planted bombs at various places within the hospital.

Nobody else in the hospital is aware of this situation. Balagopal understands that before the patients come to know of this and get panicky, he must do something. Moreover the lives of many patients, doctors, staff members and countless other people are at stake. Balagopal swings into action and in the next two hours, he displays unusual courage and wisdom.

Mohanlal plays Dr. Balagopal while Lakshmi Gopalaswamy plays his wife Priya, v journalist. Tamil actor Daniel Balaji plays the role of the leader of the group of terrorists who have laid siege on the hospital. Sivaji Guruvayoor becomes the Home Minister, while Sudheesh plays a ward-boy named Dineshan. Lakshmana and Ibrahimkutty play doctors while Sreejith Ravi is cast in the role of the Home Minister's personal assistant. Lena becomes the head nurse at the hospital.

Bhagavan has been produced by Vijeesh Mani under the banner of Anaswara Cinemas and is slated for release in February.Now it is expected to releas by may.Lets wait for the movie.

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