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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Collection report of Shikkar - Megahit of this year

Mohanlal in Shikkar
God's own Superstar Mohanlal's last release was Shikkar on Sept 9th and the film had a tremendous first day collection of about Rs 1.3 cr from around 101 theaters. This is the third highest initial day collection for a Malayalam movie after Mohanlal's Saagar Alias Jacky (Rs 1.75 cr) and Pokkiriraja (Rs 1.67 cr).

Some among the malayali audiences think that after the initial hype this Mohanlal film Shikkar gets a dip in it's collection and it even failed to recover it's cost. For those, here is the actual stats of how much this film had gathered so far from it's theatrical run. Shikkar, Mohanlal's this year's Ramzan release had collected exactly about Rs 14.4 cr from the theaters itself with a distributor share of around Rs 6.9 cr in it's 50 day run, and the glorious run of Shikkar is still going strong in B & C centers.

Shikkar is this year's second highest grosser after the Pokkiriraja (Rs 18 cr). Pokkiriraja did it because there wasn't any great film to compete with it but it was not the case of Shikkar. All the films released during this Ramzan season were good and Shikkar had to really work it hard. The fact is clear when you check it out that all the 3 Ramzan releases were declared as hits, while Shikkar going on to make it a Megahit with it's awesome collection.

Also, Shikkar is the biggest solo hit for any actor in this year. The film, made in a budget of around Rs 5 cr thus have made it into the Megahit tag without any doubt. The film turns out to be a great one for it's producer by etching some whooping amounts of about Rs 1.9 cr as Satellite right by Asianet, Rs 2.2 cr as Overseas + Video + Audio rights.

Also,some people think that Elsamma is the real hit among this year's Ramzan releases. It's a true fact that Elsamma is a hit when the total collection of this film is compared with it's total budget and it should be noted that it is nowhere near the total collection of Shikkar, mainly due to the stupendous initials that this Mohanlal starer had earned. It's also true that the gross collection of Elsamma from the 4th week onwards is higher when compared to that of Shikkar.

All this was possible for Shikkar, mainly due to the charismatic presence of our dearest lalettan in it and the same is being expected from his upcoming releases like Kandahar, Christian Brothers, Casanovva, China Town etc.

All the best LALETTA.......

source :- close to MaxLab

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  1. universal star mohanlal ka khandahar is the movie of the year

  2. pokkiri raja had films to compete.it is because pokkiri raja was exceptionally superb that the other films became flop like alexander the great which was competing against pokkiri raja


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