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Monday, December 29, 2008

Keerthichakra to be made in Hindi

One of the major hits in the Malayalam film industry, Keerthichakra starring Superstar Mohanlal and Tamil actor Jeeva is now going to be remade in Hindi. Major Ravi, the director of the original is the man who is going to remake the film. The script of both the films was handled by the director himself. It is now heard that Sunil Shetty will replace Mohanlal in the Hindi remake of Keerthichakra.

Keerthichakra, one of the memorable hits in 2006 was a film zoomed in on the fight against Kashmir militancy. It featured Mohanlal as Major Mahadevan, which then went on to become a huge role model among the youth. Gopika was the heroine of that movie. Keerthichakra was also a turning point in the career of it's director Major Ravi, because it was after this movie he got recognized in the industry though he have made a film earlier titled as Punarjani.

After the huge success of Keerthichakra, the director went on to make two other films too Mission 90 Days a film based on Rajiv Gandhi's assassination with Mammootty in the lead and then the recent Kurukshetra with Mohanlal featuring him as Kenel Mahadevan, as a sequel to the character of Mohanlal in Keerthichakra. Major Ravi's Keerthichakra have also released in the Tamil as Aran featuring the same lead.

It is to be noted that Major Ravi have got National award for his film Keerthichakra as the best Patriotic film of the year 2006. As per the initial reports, the director have already started the script works of the new Hindi movie. As of now, more details about the movie is not available and the details are expected to reach to the press very soon.

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