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Friday, December 19, 2008

Our Superstar Mohanlal is now Lt.Col.Mohanlal

Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal is now onwards Lt. Col Mohanlal. The star who is having a huge fan following not only among south Indian men of the forces but even among the North Indians has been commissioned in the Territorial Army (TA), a citizen's force of the Indian army. After Kapil Dev, he is the next famous guy to join this army.

The age limit for joining the TA which has been fixed at 42 has been relaxed for the star who is 48. There is precedence for this as Kapil Dev was too over aged when he was commissioned by TA. It will be a proud moment for this army that Kapil Dev and Mohanlal have joined the army and Nana Patekar is likely to join the army. Now Lt.Col Mohanlal is going to visit forward areas and meet the army men.

Earlier, Mohanlal have expressed his desire to join the army after acting in movies like Keerthichakra and Kurukshetra under the direction of Major Ravi. Both the movies were bumber hits in box office.

Let's wish Mohanlal all the best in his new job.

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