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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mohanlal : The real star of 2008

There was nothing to surprise in the Malaylam film industry, since both the Superstars Mammootty and Mohanlal still ruled the industry comforatably. They have been togetherly ruling the industry for more than 20 years. As per the theatrical graphs, most successful 5 star actors have been chosen for the Top 5 actors of 2008. They are

1) Mohanlal :- Mohanlal, one of the most talented actor in Indian film indsutry had a great number of releases in this year. Eight releases in a calender year, this is for the first time in Mohanlal's career, since he became Superstar. Out of those eight releases, he had a Mega Blockbuster in the form of Twenty 20 and a Super Hit in Maadambi and two hits in Innathe Chintavishayam and Kurukshetra. Among other's Mizhil Sakshi, Akashagopuram and Pakal Nakshtrangal belongs to the offbeat category, where the performance of Mohanlal was well appreciated from all around. His greatest dud of the year was the film College Kumaran, which completely failed at the box office. With a winning ratio of 50%, he is rock solid at the top.

2) Mammootty :- Mammootty, the other Superstar of Mollywood had six releases in this year to his name. He had a Mega Blockbuster in the form of Twenty 20 and a Super Hit in Annan Thambi and a hit in Roudram. While his other releases like Parunthu, MayaBaazar and One Way Ticket (Guest) were utter flops at the box office. Though he too have 50% winning percentage, he could only manage the second spot due to the failure of his two mainstream films.

3) Jayaram :- Jayaram was not even in the frame for last two or three years, but have made a strong come back with the film Veruthe Oru Bharya. He had a Mega Blockbuster in Twenty 20 and a Blockbuster in Veruthe Oru Bharya while his remaining three films like Novel, Magic Lamp and Parthan Kanda Paralokam were utter failure at the box office. Though he is the only actor to have two blockbusters with his name, his winning percentage made him third.

4) Prithviraj :- Most promising youngster in Mollywood, Prithviraj had about four films with his name. His two Onam releases, Thalapavu and Thirakatha were well accloaded by the critics as well as the viewers. Among them, Thirakatha went on to become a hit while Thalapavu ended up as an average earner. With these two films he once proved that he will be the next generation Superstar. But his other two commercial films Lollipop, which featured almost all the youngsters in the industry and One Way Ticket have failed to make it big at the box office. He had made a guest appearnace in the Mega Blockbuster Twenty 20 too.

5) Dileep :- Out of his four major releases this year, Dileep had managed to occupy with a Mega Blockbuster in the form of Twenty 20 and a expected hit in Crazy Gopalan, which had taken a descent opening at the box office. Other two films Calcutta News and Mulla were declared as flops. With beutifully combining a film like Twenty 20, Dileep deserves an accloade for him. This fact have helped him to achieve the fifth spot among the top actors.

The major guy to loose out from this list will be Suresh Gopi himself. With a string of continuous five flops- Sound of Boot, Laptop, Ayudham, Thavalam, Bullet this year and with only a Mega Blockbuster in Twenty 20 by the year end, he was not able to make into the last five. I wish, in the next year also each of these stars will come up with much more good films and will keep on the job of entertaining us.

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  1. mohanlals innathe chinthavishayam and kurukshetra belongs to utter flops in kerala..so he has more no.of flops in 2008...mammootty has more no.of hits


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