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Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Mohanlal movie Shikkar review

Sure, this film is a dashing comeback from our Universal star Mohanlal after a string of flops. Shikkar is the latest film that released today with our lalettan in the lead role. The film released in exactly 101 theaters out of which 82 centers are in Kerala.

As expected, this film started of with the typical lalettan collections all across the state and had proven that no one can match up with the immense popularity of our lalettan among the Kerala audience. The film is carrying a very good first day report and is sure to become the much awaited blockbuster for Mohanlal.

This new film Shikkar is a pure family film with well mixed action sequences in it. The major plus point of this film is that it is a well packed movie, with all the essential ingredients mixed in the right proportion. This film is all about revenge and family relationships.

M Padmakumar, who is known to be a good director but with less box office hits had shown everyone that his real talent in this field is yet to be revealed and same is the case with the script writer S Suresh Babu. They both had come up with a marvelous film which was well supported by the entire cast and crew of this film, especially Mohanlal.

In the acting side, simply Mohanlal is awesome and is a real treat to watch. He single handedly carries this film forward. Even though, his role is a short one, Samudrakani's performance in the film should be mentioned. He will be a surprising factor for the viewers of this film and had done his short role superbly. Ananya, as Mohanlal's daughter, had also come up with a superb performance, especially in the stunning climax sequences.

Sneha, as Mohanlal's wife, had nothing much to perform but she did justice to her short role with a descent performance. All the others, especially Kailash, Lalu Alex, Kalabhavan Mani, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Thalaivasal Vijay had performed well. Even though, Jagathy and Suraj had done well, their respective characters in this film had let them down.

In the technical side, the most impressive work in this film was by the cinematographer Manoj Pillah, who had done a splendid work. The visuals in this film are really mind blowing, especially those visuals of Guna caves in the climax. The music department, including the background score was also good and has kept it's mark.

In simple words, this new Mohanlal starer, Shikkar is a visual treat, which can be undoubtedly enjoyed by all sort of viewers. So, go and enjoy this film with your family in the near by theaters..

Shikkar Movie Verdict : Blockbuster
Shikkar Movie Rating : 4.6/5.0

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