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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Initial day collection reports of Mohanlal's Shikkar

Quite clearly, it's now proven that Mohanlal is the undisputed King in the Malayalam film industry. Mohanlal's this years Ramzan release, Shikkar started off in a grand fashion with some tremendous collections from all across the state.

The main point to be noted is that the entire shows on the releasing day of this film were house fulls and as a result it had netted in a whooping amount of Rs. 1.3 crores as it's gross for the day. This is only third in terms of the collection report for the first day by a film, where the first spot too belongs to a Mohanlal film, Saagar Alias Jacky - Reloaded and Pokkiri Raja in the second spot.

Saagar Alias Jacky had netted in an amount of about Rs. 1.75 crores in it's initial day and pokkir Raja got about 1.67 on its first day. The following spots are equipped by Pazhassiraja(Rs. 1.2 crores), Kurukshetra(Rs. 98 lakhs) and Twenty 20(Rs. 96 lakhs).

The details published above, regarding the collection reports of the film are true in the best of my knowledge and are provided by a trade analyst, who is from the industry itself..

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  1. superb performance by lalettan. he is the real king of kerala

  2. lal back in style.....

  3. super introduction after 20-20

  4. lalettan........the king of indian cinema............!


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