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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nadodigal fame Samuthirakani debuts in Malayalam through Mohanlal's Shikar

The latest news from the malayalam film industry is that the top Tamil director Samuthirakani of Nadodigal fame is playing villain in Mohanlal’s Malayalam film Shikar, directed by Padmakumar. Mohanlal was very impressed with Samuthirakani’s performance in Subramaniapuram and the way he performed his role as the politician villain. It was Mohanlal who recommended his name to Padmakumar,

In the film, Mohanlal plays Balaraman a lorry driver who transports goods between cities in south India. He is on a mission seeking revenge. Shikar provides Samuthirakani equal footing with Mohanlal. Ananya, Samuthirakani’s Nadodigal heroine is playing Mohanlal’s daughter, while Lakshmi Gopalasamy plays the wife’s role. The shooting of Shikar has started in Kothamangalam, a hilly town in Idukki district of Kerala. The film is slated to be Mohanlal’s big Onam release in September.

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