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Friday, January 1, 2010

Mohanlal about Malayalam Cinema

Universal star Mohanlal had made some notable comments last day while talking at the meet-the-press program organized by the Press Club, He was there to promote his latest release Ividam Swargam Aanu, which is doing excellent job all across the state. When asked about the remuneration of the stars getting high, our star had stated that it was the right of the artistes to decide their remuneration.

When asked about fixing the budget of the Malayalam films to a fixed amount of around 3.5 crores, Mohanlal stated that it can't be fixed liked that since some films may demand much more to get it into perfection. He also added that if a producer is willing to make bigger films then he will surely co-operate with that film.

Our Lalettan also stated that with a lot of new brilliant directors gaining ground, a new revolution is slowly taking place inside the Malayalam film industry. He also suggested that to earn profits, screening of other language films should be controlled in the state.

The other notable thing happened is that, while talking the director of lalettan's latest film Ividam Swargam Aanu, Roshan Andrews have stated that he just loved working with Mohanlal in his films and he will surely continue with it, if he gets right scripts that suits this legendary actor.

At the time of conclusion, Mohanlal, who has been holding the top position in the Malayalam industry for past three decades, gave credit to the audiences for his success.

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