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Friday, December 25, 2009

Ividam Swargamanu Movie Review, Initial Reports

Today, Ividam Swargamanu - Universal Star Mohanlal's Xmas malayalam release from Roshan Andrews got released in around 75 theatres. The movie is the second venture from Mohanlal-Roshan Andrews team and this movie also shows that this pair is a magical one in creating magic in the mollywood. Don't know what to say about the movie and Mohanlal's performance. In single words the latest malayalam movie Ividam Swargamanu is a normal family entertainer which comprises story, action, comedy, some suspense and also a lot of sentis.

Roshan Andrew's Ividam Swargamanu features Mohanlal as Mathews a simple common man who is farmer. The movie also features Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Lakshmi Rai and Priyanka Nair as heroines. Thilakan plays Jeremias, his father and Mathews tries to realize his father's dream of setting up a huge farmhouse with cattle, vegetables and the like, on the banks of the river Periyar. After Bhramaram, Mohanlal comes with a strong and different character.

While coming to the performance part, Mohanlal our lalettan is marvellous and once again he proved he is the one best for these type natural characters through his natural acting. Through this role Mohanlal once again proved that no one can replace him in indian film industry. Thilakan, Kaviyoor Ponnama also has don their roles perfectly. Lalu Alex is the main Villian in the movie and he made his character above expectations and i support him after lalettan in the movie. This movie also shows the mohanlal- shankar team and shankar also did his job wonderfully as a supporting character.

Other than the main cast, all others in the supporting cast of Ividam Swargamanu like Sukumari, Sreenivasan, Jagathy, Innocent etc. did justice to the roles assigned to them. Other positive things are Direction, situation comedies, nice picturization and the super climax. As per the first reports the movie is getting good response just like 'Bhramaram' and will be a must watchable movie. Also the movie will be the another megahit of Mohanlal in 2009.

Movie Rating: 4.5/5.0
Verdict: Must watch Movie

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  1. super movie...and nice review.....lal sir did it again...

  2. Return of Shankar is excellent,expecting more movies from lal-shankar combo

  3. this is the return of malayalam cinema....hats off to the cast & crew behind the movie...

  4. Vishnu you are rite.....this is the come back of good malayalam movies....

  5. The movie is really a superb one......... Lalettan rockzzzzzz

  6. super
    we got our lalletan
    lal rocksssssssssssssssss

  7. very nice movie........well plotted.............a very good example of realistic movie which has a strong and relevant issue as background.............abscence of songs only did justice to the movie............lalettan once again proved that he is an actor par excellence.......kudos to the entire team.............i sincerely hope and pray that he does his future commitments to such good projects

  8. I saw the movie, it is good intially scralling and final climax is good.
    but the audience level was not that much evne the movie is second week, i hope it can be there for another two weeks.
    any way all the best

  9. pls use good english language, wen u make a website like this..


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