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Sunday, October 11, 2009

MohanLal's latest Movie 'Shikar'

Only a few can forget the amazing performance of Mohanlal in his recent movie ‘Bhramaram’. He had been excellent in all the sequences, though the scenes where he drove the jeep through the undulating roads in the hilltops were a standout. Anyhow, Mohanlal is once again planning to be on a similar role in the new movie ‘Shikaar’.

To be directed by M Padmakumar, the movie will have the super star as a Lorry driver who runs between the hilltops of Idukky with loads of reeds. The character named as Balaraman is the father of a grown up girl, but who holds a lot of mystery around him. Scripted by S Sureshbabu, the movie will have Padmapriya and Ananya as the heroines. Mukesh, Suraj, Jagathy and Shivaji Guruvayoor are also in the cast of ‘Shikkaar’ which will be shot at Adimali, Thoothukudi and Hyderabad.

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