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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Malayalam Movie Bhramaram Review , first reports

Today, Bhramaram the most expected malayalam movie of 2009 from blessy released in around 80 theatres. Bhramaram the fifth venture from Blessy again proved that he is a master in story telling. In single words the latest malayalam movie bhramaram is a normal family movie which comprises story, action, some suspense and also a lot of sentis.

Blessy's Bhramaram features the superstar Mohanlal and Bhumika in central roles. Mohanlal comes with a strong and different character after a long time. As said it is the first road movie in the malayalam and the story is telling through a journey from coimbatore to kerala. Mohanlal coming as a farmer and small time jeep driver who operates at the highranges of Kerala.

As told earlier, the movie is not a suspense thriller, but the movie provide some thrills. The main noticable thing in the movie is the role played by Mohanlal. Mohanlal has done a high class performance in the movie which can't be done by any other actor. Through this role Mohanlal once again proved that noone can replace him in indian film industry. He looks more energetic and after a long gap we are seeing such performance from him. Bhumika is just simply ok and KPSC Lalitha who is doing the role of mohanlal's mother is simply amazing even if she appears in the movie for a small time.

Other than the main cast, all others in the supporting cast like Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Suresh Menon, Jayalakshmi, Madan Babu, Baby Niveditha and V.G. Murali Krishnan did justice to the roles assigned to them. Other positive things are Super songs, good music & background score, nice picturization. As per the first reports the movie is getting good response just like 'Thanmathra' and will be a must watchable movie. Also the movie will be the first sure superhit of Mohanlal in 2009.

Verdict : 4.2/5.0

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  1. Once again Lalettans super performance........nice story nd gud photography........a complete film....

  2. yes u guys are right....lalettantu thulyam lalettan mathram.....

  3. terrible movie. amazing visuals, editing and an excellant performance by lalettan. seriously the guy who has the camera is gonna be GREAT. visuals are even better than big b. crappy sentiments and story with loads of unnecessary stuff.. a gender breaking movie maybe but not something that interests many i think.. honestly thought that with this amount of money u could make two smaller films.. so depressed after watching the movie.. seems like a road movie with a lot of filler scenes put in. not a single memorable dialogue or scene often stupid sometimes. its funny to watch the stupidity. blessy doesnt seem to get what is wrong with his film making after flawed bhramaram, calcutta news and palunku.. Next time he makes a movie i will think thrice before watching [ i watched the movie because of the visuals and as malayalam lacked a "suspense thriller" ]

  4. great movie,great performances,Nothing to say lalettan deserves a National award.dont waste time after some stupid Bhoothams Please do watch Bhramaram,feel a fresh cinema experience which you have never experienced


  5. really, an awesome movie....... and a stunning performance from our lalettan.....

  6. excellent.....the best after thanmaatra...dont waste money by seeing any other boneless films.strong screenplay and lalettans acting makes the movie superb.awsome one from blessy

  7. I saw the movie today in chennai. hav to say its a mind blowing performance from mohanlal. hats off to blessy for creating such a movie. after a long time we are seeing such a wonderful and power-packed performance by mohanlal. one can just watch this movie for the performance of lalettan alone. dont miss out this movie..this is a serious stuff and got to be watched. lal changes his emotions within a split of a second...

  8. Full credit goes to Blessy.. i saw DVD of the movie yesterday.. i try to watch in theater but when i reach the cinema hall the film is changed....


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