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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Review : Bhramaram

Mohanlal- Blessy team's latest malayalam movie Bhramaram made a good opening. The movie which was released around 80 centres in the state, feature Mohanlal, Bhoomika, Suresh Menon, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy in main cast. Bhramram, the fifth one from Blessy contaions a simple story , but have emotions, fabulous frames, action, suspense and almost all ingrediants of ones life. The initial reports shows that the movie is getting a good responses and will be asure superhit.

The story starts when Sivankutty (Mohanlal) reaches the apartment of his schoolmate, Unni (Suresh Menon). The movie is built around Jose alias Shivan Kutty, who is roaming around in an auto around Coimbatore to locate an address, on the same day the city is shell shocked with multiple blasts. This man of mystery finally arrive at the apartment of his schoolmate Unni, now a busy, successful share broker who is having a happy life with his wife Latha and kids. The intruder remains in the flat for a couple of days making merry with the kids, but within days Unni and his closest friend Alex, are made to realise that the man in their flat have come with an agenda, an after math of an incident that happened long back in their lives.

The first half is a little bit slow one and the second half is a real splendour with one of the best performances from the versatile star in Lal. He, with the help of fabulous frames and interesting dialogues, propel the movie toward the climax, which is a real stunner. The actor is used to such a perfect effect that one can really feel his pain, experiences his struggle and realise that there can be more than one such men out there in the world today. Suresh Menon, playing Unni, deliver a candid natural performance without pushing for histrionics, and works the understated character perfectly. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and Murali Krishnan also does their roles with elaan.

The film has its moments for sure, but things could definitely have been more effective with a taut script. Though Mohanlal puts in his heart and soul to get into the shoes of his character, the supporting cast lets him down big time. What makes the film click is its stunning climax. Bhoomika, as Mohanlal's wife, and the child actor who play their child fail to make any impact. Muralikrishnan, who plays Alex, has nice features to suit his role and he does a nice job as well.

All the other casts did extremely supported Mohanlal and did justice to the characters. Other good things about the movie are good direction, camera work is excellent, hearty songs, gud picturisations and mohan sitaras excellent music. Bhramaram is a must watch movie else you will miss the strong performance of the complete actor Mohanlal. Once again he proved he is the best in malayalam through this character.

Verdict : GOOD

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  1. Superb movie yaaaaaaaer............Greating performance from GREATTT Actor.......I dont know how he manage to act as if like the situations really happens to him.......A born actor.....A great thanks to BLESSY also.....thanks for giving such a wonderful film....you are making Malayalam movies rich with variety films

  2. Bhramaram is a cinema shrunk into a character,a character representing the entire voluptuousness of the film and being presented by a performance nearing the limit of brilliance. Hats off to you Laletta, you once again proved that you can be extended to any frontier possible.

  3. fantastic movie Bhramaram...great salute to mohan lal and Blessy.........movide it self ride the views to his (blessy )thinking......


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