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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prithviraj waiting for a meaty role with Lalettan

One of the hot & latest news from the Malayalam film industry is that the Upcoming Superstar of Malayalam film industry, Prithviraj has declined many opportunites to act with none other than the Superstar Mohanlal. This shocking news was revealed by the young actor himself, when was interviewed very recently.

According to Prithviraj, "It has been my dream to act with Lalettan. But just for the sake of that wish, if I make way for a bad movie, then would it not be selfishness on my part. Won't it be cheating the media which has been life bread for so long? That's the sole reason why I did not commit to these movies". He also added that movies which were planned with him and Mohanlal together were either weak in the story side or in certain cases his character was poorly etched.

Prithviraj concluded his statement like this that if he come across a good story and a role which would help to develop the actor in him, then he would certainly do the movie since it has been his long standing aspiration to act with our Superstar Mohanlal. Whatever may be the reason, it sounds really interesting when it was first heard from the young actor himself.

Let's wait and see whether these two actors will join together to perform in a movie.

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