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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mohanlal to Rajyasabha????

Superstar Mohanlal is considered to be one among the living legends in the Indian film industry. He was conferred with the Padmasree and Bharat award earlier for his excellence in the acting. He has amazed almost every other members in the film industry with his ease style of acting skills and techniques.The latest news to hear about our own lalettan is that he is one of the hot priority in presidents list for the Rajya Sabha members.

The Rajya Sabha (meaning the “Council of States”) is the upper house of the Parliament of India. Membership is limited to 250 members. Among this 250, the President of India has the authority to propose any 12 people to the Rajya Sabha. The criteria fior this selection is that they must have proved their capability in various fields of life.

Since our Lalettan has proved his excellence in the field of acting, he really is a strong contendor for that Rajyasabha seat. Also Mohanlal is also known for his socio-welfare and other charitable activities. It has been 40 years since someone has been proposed from Kerala for this post. Mahakavi G Shankarakurup was the last person to be proposed.

According to some close sources, since there are 7 vaccant in Rajya Sabha, when the President puts across his list, it is said that this time Kerala would be adequately represented as well. So our Lalettan has a great oppurtunity to bag a membership in Rajyasabha, also it won't be as easy as it is since Mammootty, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and O N V Kurup are also vying for a space in the list and a seat to the Rajya Sabha.

Let's wait and see whether our Lalettan has the luck to become the member of Rajyasabha...

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