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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lt Colonel Mohanlal Coming With Hijack

Recently Padmashree Bharat Mohanlal , Our lalettan is entitled as Lt.Colonel Mohanlal . The latest news about Lt. Colonel Mohanlal is that he is again joining hands with Major Ravi. Mohanlal did two films with Major Ravi- KeertiChakra and Kurukshetra. Both the two movie were Megahits and now the new movie which is titled as "HIJACK" which is based on the Kandahar plane hijack.

The movie is based on the true story just like the earlier movies Keertichakra, Mission 90 days and Kurukshetra. India had to the pay price, even though many countries were involved in the hijack drama. “It is a big international conspiracy,” says Ravi. He adds that “Many facts have not been revealed. My film, in Malayalam and Tamil, will explore the truth."

Other hot news about the new malayalam movie Hijack is that Major Ravi is planning Mohanlal and Arjun in the main Roles. Mohanlal already has given dates for the film and most likely start rolling by Feb 2010. So wait for yet another action from Lt.Colonel Mohanlal.

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  1. i love to meet once to great hero


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