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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cassanova Shooting starts @ Dubai on May 5

Casanova Location Changed to Dubai and production by Confident group itself.

Last day i found a news on all movie sites and blogs about Mohanlal's Cassanova that it was dropped by the Confident group to the Heavy budget. Due to this the shooting of the film has been postponded. Mohanlal is in the Main role in the Movie Cassanova.But now as per the latest news Confident Group itself will produce the film and will start shooting by may 5. It is a confirmed news and The movie will be a Vaishaka Release.

Confident Group will now produce the movie at a small budget than before's. Also another latest news on the movie Cassanova is that the location has been changed from Vienna to Dubai.That will help to decrease the budget from 10 crores to about 4.5 crores.The movie is being directed by Roshan Andrews and movie also features lakshmi Rai,Bhavana,Arya in main roles.

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