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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kandahar Malayalam Movie Review

Malayalam Movie Kandahar Review
Kandahar, the latest malayalam movie featuring the God's Own Universal Star Lt.Colonel Mohanlal and Shehenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan together for the very first time in malayalam has got released today in around 150 theatres all across India. Kandahar is the biggest malayalam release ever. As per the initial reports, the film is a sure hit and has been well recieved by the first day viewers.

Malayalam Movie Kandahar is telling the story of Air-India plane hijack and the commando operation to rescue the plane and passengers in it. Other than Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachchan, kandahar movie features Ganesh Venkitraman, Major Ravi, Kaveri jha, Sumalatha, Ragini Dwivedi, KPAC Lalitha, Ananya etc. The major highlight of the movie is the combination scenes of Mohanlal(Major Mahadevan) and Amitabh Bachchan(Loknadh Sharma).

Coming to the performances, Mohanlal (third time as Major Mahadevan) and Amitabh Bachchan did superbly their roles with ease. Ganesh Venkitraman coming as buddy pair of Mohanlal has done justice to his role. KPAC Lalitha coming in a notable role has been a treat to watch. Sadly, both the heroines have nothing to do in the film. The climax sequels between Mohanlal and Big B is really emotional and a heart touching one.

In the technical aspect, the film Kandahar is far better than the teams previous movie Kurukshetra. Mainly the background scores and editing are superb. As a director, Major Ravi has shown his talents once again. To be frank, the camera work and stunt choreography were not upto marks. In the musical department, all the songs were only average except that patriotic song sung by Sonu Nigam.

All in all, this new malayalam movie Kandahar carries a good message by itself. This film is a right mix of patriotism and emotion which will work big time among all segments of viewers. I prefer you to watch the movie which will touch your heart if you are a real indian.

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  1. sure hit...... super padam...............

    You people(FANS) are spoiling mohanlal big time.Speak out against movie which are indeed duds rather than praising them.maybe am a bigger fan of him than you all.i was the president of the all kerala mohanlal fans cultural and welfare association (cochin unit).but the unit o longer holds existence.
    the main thing i need you people who love mohanlal to understand is that just turn back and see how we started to love mohanlal as an actor.It was not because of the movie kandahar,or oru naal varum or maybe not because of his almost 70 percent movies released in the last decade.its because we have watched him act his heart out while growing up.some of the immortal evergreen classics that we have been fortunate enough to watch.yeah indeed after 2005,there are a few..it would be really bad not to take note of Rasathanthram,Kirtichakra,Vadakkumnathan,Chotta Mumbai,Hallo and madambi.but the chunk of movies released during this period baring the above said ones have been big duds at the box-office and have failed to steal the hearts of those who love the actor in MOHANLAl.We should take note the fact that its mohanlal who is the actor with themost versatile acting talent among the lead actors here in malayalam.by saying that am not degrading another great contemporary acor MAMMOTY..but mammootty seriously has his limtations but mohanlal clearly scores above in some subtle and effortless acting prowess in most of the sequences be it hasyam,nritham,wit(not slapstick comedy),in addition to his other varied acting skills.
    But then why should he show..errr... i mean waste his talent acting in some half baked,crass ,and over the top movies where script holds no importance.Its high time he stops acting in such crap movies because he is already into a age group where his physical and mental stamina demands good selection of roles.and for that reason a big thumbs up should be given to mammotty for the selection of his roles be it pranchi or best actor this year for he understands the pulse of the audience and acts henceforth.maybe laletan is unlucky that he gets to act in movies with poor scripts most of the time..ITS JUST THE SIMPLE FACT..READ THE SCRIPT BEFORE COMMITING TO A MOVIE.it can be a new or an established director,but the script is the true superstar.I REPEAT NOT THE STORYBOARD WHICH LAL ALWYZ TENDS TO READ,BUT THE SCRIPT WHICH HE SHOULD compulsarily READ.Am sure most of the fans out here would unwillingly agree with my thought,but the ego in you is not allowing you to speak out,fearing it is bad for the image of our lalettan.But i assure you it is not.It will help him grow out of the shackles he is in now.Kandahar IS JUST A BELOW AVERAGE MOVIE..POOR MOVIE WITH A VERY WEAK SCRIPT..EXCEPT LAL, KPAC LALITHA AND MAJOR RAVI ALL OTHERS VERY BELOW PAR MEDIOCRE ACTING INCLUDING BIG B..AND MY VERDICT..THE VERDICT OF THE TRUE LAL FAN..-MOVIE 'MAY' GAIN AN INITIAL..AND THE THE MOVIE WILL DROP DOWN FULLY.IT IS SURELY NOT GOING TO BE IN THE HIT CHARTS.THE ABOVE SAID REVIEW BY THE ADMIN IS MISLEADING AND BIASED.I request all fans to stay united and request laletan to judiciously select roles so that he remains the laletan we admire,the laletan we love and the laletan we follow.pinning hopes on christian brothers for next year to start with.namaste

  3. mohanlal is doing great injustice to his fans..........i am one of his greatest fans .but he is continously disapointing his diehard fans.i am sad to say hisacting skills seem to be disapearing with each film......he is not at all maintaining his body....he seems just tooo fat........i am posting this because i want to see him in his best shape and acting skills .......we fanstook much strain to see this reckless film.i am very much disapointed...lal sir please maintain a good physique and choose ur characters more more carefully,becauseyour are the best actor we have....dont cheat ur sincere fans.......pls sir pls ........

  4. pls dont feel bad anyone........ .itz the feeling of thousands of his beloved fans....if anyone could communicate it with him it would great.............i feel all his feels the smae......

  5. The problem that Mohanlal is that he is surrounded by a coterie of people who donot give him the right opinion. Afterall a driver should only remain as a driver and not an adviser to Mohanlal for acting. Mohanlal is trying to live his life as the character |"Saroj Kumar" in his hit movie Udayanaanu thaaram. If only Mohanlal stops seeking advise from his driver will Malayalam Cinema get back Mohanlal the actor else Mohanlal the Superstar will kill Mohanlal the actor.

  6. Shibil u are right..Laletta pls maintain ur body..its a humble request from all of ur fans..


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