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Monday, February 16, 2009

Red Chillies Review

Once again Mohanlal proved that he is the most flexible actor in the malayalam film industry and Shaji Kailas the most stylish director with the new film Red Chillies.The movie is overdosed with technology,be it in cinematography editing or in background score.The appearance of the mohanlal in the film is very superb.

The biggest highlight of the movie is of course the Don OMR(Oiyarathu Madathil Ramanathan) played by Mohanlal,And as usual Mohanlal delivers a brilliant performance.The dialogues are excellent.He is handsome and stylish. Take Mohanlal away from the movie. OMR is everything a first day first show Mohanlal fan needs from there icon.

There are some numerous flaws in the movie. The girls (Red Chiliies) has done a bad job in the movie.They dont do anything except add a bit glamor to the plotActors like Siddique,Thilakan etc are cast only to boost the hero image of Lal. Was happy to see Lal and Thilakan together but they don't share scene.When people get out of theatre they won't even remember the face of any of these jockeys, or can aptly be called jokers. Parts done in Singapore and major resorts are good.Also the way in which the suspense revealed is also bad.

The movie is sure to be a hit coz there is everything a Lal fan wants. When comparing with Mamooties latest flick "Love in Singapore" it is an excellent movie.Any way the Movie Red Chillies Should be a Super Hit.I am giving Red Chillies 4/5.Lets wait for the next movie Sagar Alias Jacky reloaded.

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1 comment:

  1. are u nuts to give 4 stars to this film. i think you havent seen this movie, such a disasterous movie, and it deserves not more than 2/5.


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