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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Malayalam Movie Shikar Preview, Shikkar Movie Reports

Shikkar is the latest malayalam movie featuring universal star Mohanlal in the lead role. The movie is confirmed to release on this thursday (on 09.09.2010). Shikkar is all about the story of a wounded father hunted by some unknow persons and how he is taking revenge against kidnappers of his daughter. As the name indicates, shikkar is something different which is told in an unsual way.

Lastday the movie has censored and got a clean U certificate. The Shikkar Preview Reports shows it will be a complete family action thriller with thrilling action sequences only to meet the situations. The first half of the movie is fully family oriented with nice comedies and some action sequence which will thrill fans too. But second half will be a visual treat with an unseen powerpacked performance of Mohanlal. The movie is said to witness the range of the actor in Mohanlal once again.

The movie has got already much hype with the dare acting of Mohanlal and Ananya. Also Univesal Star Mohanlal tweeted that balaraman in shikkar is one of his best roles and the film features the best action he has done in his career. Anyway the movie will be a visual treat for all. The hunt begins this 9th...Don't miss it.

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  1. waiting for the film...........

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  3. superb film lalettaaaaaaaaaaaaa............

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