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Saturday, January 2, 2010

T A Shahid to direct Mohanlal

The latest news to hear about our own Universal star Mohanlal is that he will act in the directorial debut film of one of the notable script writer T A Shahid. According to some close sources, it has been heard that Mohanlal who was very impressed by Shahid's story narration has asked him to go ahead with the script.

T A Shahid is now on a cloud nine since he got none other than Universal star Mohanlal to act in his directorial debut film. According to him, he has in mind a film that would make no compromises on its artistic value, like the classics directed by Padmarajan.

This new film from T A Shahid will get delayed since both the writer and the actor are busy with their previously committed projects and the film will kick start once the writer completes the script work of this new untitled project. T A Shahid had earlier scripted few films for Mohanlal, which includes Balettan, Mambazhakalam, Natturajavu and Alibhai..

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