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Sunday, October 25, 2009

'Universal Star' Mohanlal

Yes Once again the strong and loving fans of Mohanlal gave him a super gift. He got the Title 'Universal Star' as the gift from fans. As the titles of Angel John appear on the screen, there is a tag line along with Mohanlal’s name. It says 'Universal Star' Mohanlal

It seems fans of Mohanlal have conferred him with the title 'Universal Star'. They were on the lookout for a title which will have mass appeal and reach, just as Mammootty’s fans call him 'Mega Star'. But fans are sure going to debate whether 'Universal Star' is bigger than 'Mega Star'!

But Mohanlal’s title looks very similar to Kamal Hassan’s title gifted by his fans which claims he is the Ulaga Nayagan, which in English means 'Universal Star'.

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  1. Nice post - movie star photos ..Keep Posting

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  2. Kamalhasan is Universl Hero and Lalettan is the Universal star.!!


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