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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review: Malayalam Movie Angel John

Last day Angel John , the latest malayalam movie released in kerala over 75 theatres. Angel John is the debut Malayalam movie of Santhanoo Bhagyaraj which also features Superstar Mohanlal in the Title role. Initial reports shows that the movie is somewhat success in keeping the expectation. The movie is directed by Jayasurya and the movie is a treat for the family audiences. Here is the detailed revie of Angel john

Angel John is not only a breezy entertainer but is packaged well with sentiments, comedy, and action but also has a neat message. Maradona (Santhanoo) is an aimless youngster who likes to waste his time doing practically nothing other than fooling around. For him everything in life is Oru Rasam (just fun) and wants to take the easy way out and lacks focus in his life. He is the only son of Joseph (Lalu Alex) an Bank Manager and Mary (Ambika) who dotes on him. The only person who has a soft corner for him is the beautiful Sofia (Nithya) who has a limp and is the daughter of a failed filmmaker Kuruvila (Vijayaraghavan).

Maradona messes up his life by getting into company of friends and starting an internet cafĂ© that fails and to recoup his losses and attracted by ‘easy money’ he gets into drugs. Soon he is conned and loses everything after pledging his house to a ‘blade’ moneylender (Salim Kumar). On hearing the news his father is hospitalized and his mother finally loses faith in him.A shattered Maradonna decides to commit suicide by jumping from a lighthouse into the sea. As he is about to jump, he is held back by a divine force in the form of Angel John (Mohanlal), who offers him a new lease of life.

The film works because of Jayasurya’s script. More importantly the director plays up the message part of the film by highlighting the importance of hard work, dedication, ethics and sacrifice. Even Jagathy’s Khader Moosa comedy track has a message. Mohanlal as Angel John is top class as he blends his image perfectly with the character, while Santhanoo comes out with fine performance.

The supporting cast of Vijayaraghavan, Lalu Alex and new girl Nithya are all adequate. Though there are only two songs in the film, Ouseppachan’s background score is a winner. Towards the end, the script plods as it becomes predictable and sentimental. But you don’t mind it simply because the characters have handled the scenes skilfully.

So the movie is watchable once and a family entertainer...

Verdict: Above Average(3.2/5.0)

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