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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All Success of UnnaiPol Oruvan goes to Mohanlal

UnnaiPol Oruvan is the latest tamil movie which features Superstar Mohanlal and Ullaka Nayakan Kamal Haasan in the main cast. The movie got released world wide on last day. The movie is getting nice responses and appreciations and it is a nice thing to see both the actors sharing the scene. The movie UnnaiPol Oruvan is the tamil remake of Bollywood Movie " A wednesday".

As per the first reports It’s Mohanlal who is getting all the claps from the audiences. Mohanlal getting appreciations not only in Kerala but also in tamil Nadu also. In Chennai multiplexes, he is getting a standing ovation for his performance as the super cool cop Raghava Maraar. The movie is already a superhit and will enter the megahit chart if the things will go like this for 3 more weeks.

In the movie Mohanlal is coming in the Role of IG Raghavan Marar, who is actually a malayalee officer. The loudest clap is for Mohanlal’s punchline dialogue- “Kerala is my home, but Tamil Nadu is my home too.” And when chief minister (dubbing artist in M.Karunanidhi’s voice) asks him his favourite deity he says “Sree Krishnan of Ambalapuzha”, the audiences go into raptures.

UnnaiPol Oruvan is not as much as good as A wednesday but Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan rocks in the movie and they once again proved that they are the most flexibe actors in th country. I prefer you to watch the movie in theatres else you may miss a good movie in life.

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