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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mohanlal - Kamal Haasan's UnnaiPol Oruvan Movie Review

Mohanlal- Kamal Haasan team's UnnaiPol Oruvan released worldwide on last friday. UnnaiPol Oruvan is the tamil remake of the Bollywood movie "A Wednesday". This is the first time both the actors are coming together. That was the main attraction of the movie. This is a great feeling to see both the actors - most flexible actors of Indian Cinema sharing the screen.

Kamal Haasan is handling the role of Nazerudin Shah while Mohanlal plays the charcter done by Anupem Kher in the hindi version. Mohanlal is coming in the role of IG RagavanMarar. The movie tells the a new story of Terror. According to me the Movie UnnaiPol Oruvan is the perfect movie among all the perfect movies. While coming to the direction part, the movie got a good direction and a hollywood touch. Basically there was no differece in the script from that of the bollywood version. Shruti Haasan also done a great job in handling the Music of the movie especially the title music.

Mohanlal and Kamal Haasan has done extremely and I prefer all to see the movie in theatres else you may miss a good movie. Kamal Haasan, once again, has excelled with his performance, whereas Mohanlal steals the spotlights with a tremendous show. His conversations with journalist and entire department are so catchy, especially where he meets the computer hacker. But according to me Mohanlal has done a better job than Kamal Haasan.

The movie UnnaiPol Oruvan is now getting good response and collections from all over the world. The movie is a must watch one and all would see the movie in the theatres itself.

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  1. Super movie.... Wat a splndid performance from the great actor and once again they proved that they are the most flexible actors india have eer produced...

    Go and Watch the movie in theatres....

  2. Manu you are rite...

    Both the Superstars are back in full swing....

  3. I am a Kamal admirer. I also felt Mohanlal was even more splendid. I congratulate Kamal for his camaraderie. This movie is absorbing.



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