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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


As the Chief of the Metro Crime Division (MCD), Chandrashekhar doesn't seem to carry the zeal andintensity for his duty as he would in the past. Possibly arising because of his unhappy relationship with his wife, although he adores his daughter.
On a regular working day, he receives a strange letter from an admirer who considers him a"hero". A letter intending to evokeChandrasekhar's preceding courage and valor. The admirer explains in his letter that he wishes to play a game that would revive his bravery; hence he is required to visit the beach of Aavanikkotta.

The next day when Chandrashekhar reaches the location he is astounded to realizethe murder of a woman named Alice and beside her lies an alphabet book with the letter 'A' crossed out.
In an alphabetically descending order, the killer is out murdering people till he reaches letter 'D'. Chandrasekhar's wife and daughter's name begin with the same letter and therefore he findshimself trapped in a game that needs him to protect his family.

What follow's next is Chandrashekhar' s investigation and his method to unravel this mystery and the serial killer

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