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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Malayalam Movie Casanova Review, Initial Reports

Casanovva - The messenger of Love

Hello Guys, Casanovva - the most expected and stylish movie which has been in the news for the last three years has got released in around 200 theatres. Atlast the movie is here to break all the collection records of mollywood. Everyone will have great expectation when the dream combo Acting Legend Mohanlal Sir, Direction perfectionalist Roshan Andrews and the Ace Script writers Bobby-Sanjay joins together. All the three have good track record and this is the reason why the movie got a sky high hype before its release. Here is our review about the Film Casanovva.

First of all we like to say all that Casanovva is not an action packed thriller, it is a 100% Love story with a some good action sequence. Casanovva is a who is an admirer of all beautiful things especially womens. He is also the owner of ‘Casanova’s Eternal Spring’, an international chain of flower boutiques. Always seen in the company of the most beautiful women, he has at his beck and call a faithful array of female followers – staff, friends and former girlfriends – who will do anything for him. A man who is constantly awakening envy in all men and romance in all women, Casanova’s philosophy in life is simple – love cures all. With his penchant for the good life, it is little wonder that four enterprising young criminals decide to use him in their quest for some quick money. First half was simply good with an awesome interval punch even it there was a bit dragging and second half mostly concentrates on flashback & Casanovva's romance with Sameera(shriya). I am not going into not much story.

Coming to the performances, Mohanlal our lalettan has done a power packed and attractive performance as Casanovva. He was amazing with his appearances, cute smile, dances and actions. It seems this is the ever stylish character done by Mohanlal till date and he just lovable as Casanovva. We can bet you that none other than Mohanal could do this role as like this. All the heroines Shirya saran, Lakshmi Rai, Sanjana and Roma has done wonderfully. But the one to notice is Shriya Saran's character and the combination scenes between mohanlal and Shriya is that much awesome. The Villian's and all the others has also did justice to their roles especially Riyas Khan, Lalu Alex, Shankar, Dimple Rose etc..

The story is just simple and predictable, but the script and dialogues from bobby-Sanjay made it worth and strong. About direction and camera, there is nothing to say about it as Roshan Andrews and Gim Ganesh was successful in getting things to the screen. Song which got relases earlier this month has already been in the hit charts. The third one and the introduction song "Kanna nee.." is a good one and gave a great introdution to Casanovva's character. But we really misses the song "sakhiye sakhiye ..". Other improtant noticing factor is the BGM done by Gopi Sundar which meets what film needs.

Overall Casanovva is a Stylish Romantic film with a mediate action sequences. Its for you... Go watch and Fall in Love.. :)

Movie Rating: 4/5 (Source: thecompleteactor.com)

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