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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Malayalam Movie Pranayam First Trailer, Videos

Pranayam is a is a unique portrayal of that great emotion ‘love’ which binds man to one another through life’s journey. It is a classic narration of the different dimensions of love capturing the joys and pain, loss and gain, the present and the past … and so much more in between.

Here is the First Teaser Trailer of the new film Pranayam.

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  1. LALETTAN rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. dear lalettan fans....
    Kuruchu kalamayi sradhikkunna oru kariyam ane surya TV-yil filmsnte trailer kanikkumpol avar parayunnathe ipprakaramane---
    Janapriya nadan(dileep and Jayarm), Action Hero Suresh gopi, Mega Star Mammootty. But Lalettane parayunnathe Super Star ennu Mathramane(Super Star Mohanlal)... E' ella perukalum fansukar avaravarude tharathine kodukkunnathane. anganeyanenkil Lalettane Universal Star Mohanlal Enne parayathathe enthane.... ethinu enthane oru vazhi. namukengane ethe avare(surya tv) ariyikan kazhiyum


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