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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

B Unnikrishnan to do a new movie with Mohanlal

If the reports are to be believed then B Unnikrishnan is writing a new script for his upcoming movie that will feature oru Universal star Mohanlal in the lead. Both B Unnikrishnan and Mohanlal had joined earlier for the movie Maadambi, which was a major hit of the year 2008.

B Unnikrishnan is currently now at a distant secret place in order to give the final touch up to his already written script. According to B Unnikrishnan, this new untitled movie featuring Mohanlal in the lead is all about a middle aged divorced man who wishes to live a lonely life in our society, which is getting darker day by day.

One day, he is forced to react against all the evils of our society and this story will be told in the backdrop of some serious comedy situations, which is a new style of story telling for B Unnikrishnan, who usually goes for serious action based films. M Jayachandran has already started composing songs for this film and popular singer Shanker Mahadevan will sing the songs.

As a director, B Unnikrishnan only had a Maadambi to his hit chart, and his recent movie Thriller with Prithviraj was a total disaster at the Kerala box office and now B Unnikrishnan is hoping for yet another major hit with his Maadambi star, Mohanlal. Let's hope, this new untitled film will also do wonders just like the duo's previous film Maadambi.

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