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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Priyadarshan with Amal Neerad-Mohanlal movie 'Dhanushkodi'

First of all, everyone should understand that this latest news hearing from the Malayalam film industry is not at all a confirmed one, it may just be a rumoured one. This new sensational news tells us that one of the most stylish director in Mollywood, Amal Neerad is all set to do a new Malayalam film, Dhanushkodi with our Universal star Mohanlal in the lead.

Earlier in 1988, Priyadarshan has started shooting for a Malayalam film with this title, under the script of T Damodaran featuring Mohanlal and 'Vandanam' fame Girija Shettar in the lead, but due to some unknown issues it got shelved and now Priyadarshan had decided to restart his old project with some changes that suits current generation viewers.

Even though, this Malayalam movie Dhanushkodi was a dream project of Priyadarshan, this time around he won't direct it, but will do only the scripting. Plan for the restart of this once shelved project kick started at the set of new Mohanlal movie Arabiyum Ottakavum P madhavan Nairum, being directed by Priyadarshan.

As per the reports, this new Mohanlal movie Dhanushkodi is all set to start by the next year, once Mohanlal completes his current commitments and will surely be one of the hugely anticipated film for the year 2012. It's also hearing that this new film may have Dhanushkodi, Srilanka and Rameshwaram as it's location.

Waiting for the confirmed news about this new Mohanlal-Priyadarshan-Amal Neerad movie...

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