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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mohanlal back again with Blessy

Our God's own Superstar Mohanlal aka Lalettan is all set to make this new year, 2011 a memorable one in his filmy career. All the new films that he had chosen for this year proves it quite clearly.

It was earlier reported that our lalettan will act upon in the films to be directed by his all time favourites, Sathyan Anthicad and Priyadarshan. Now, the latest to hear is that in this year itself, Mohanlal will act in another Malayalam movie, which is to be directed by the highly talented Blessy.

It should be remembered that Blessy is the director, who had given Mohanlal two of his all time notable roles in his films Thanmatra and Bhramaram. Both these films were unanimously applauded by the mass people as well as by the critics.

With this latest news coming out, this time also, every Malayalam film viewers will expect for a thunderous performance by our lalettan in this upcoming Malayalam movie by Blessy, who will surely etch out the maximum potential as an actor, from our dearest Mohanlal.

Hope, this year ends up as a great one for our Lalettan...

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  1. hoo...its an amazing news...so 2011 will surely be the yr of the great super star lalatten..lalatten kee jaaii..


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