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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malayalam movie Casanovva latest updates

Mohanlal in Casanovva
Universal star Mohanlal's upcoming prestigious Malayalam movie Casanovva is progressing @ Dubai in a brisk pace. According to the latest reports, it is hearing that the first schedule, ie, the Dubai schedule of Casanovva will get wrapped up by Dec 3rd. It's also hearing that the audio launch of this new Malayalam movie, Casanovva will be held @ Dubai on Dec 2nd.

As per the reports, the second as well as the final schedule of this high budget Mohanlal movie will only get started by next March @ Banghok. This means, in the mean time Mohanlal will go on to complete his next year's Vishu release, Rafi Mecartin's China Town, which is scheduled to kick start by the 2nd week of this December.

Some reliable sources made a point that the makers of this new Malayalam movie Casanovva are trying their maximum to get this film released during next year's big summer vaccation, ie, Casanovva as a 2011 May release. Let's wait and see whether the makers of this film can make it happen or not.

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