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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shikkar still going strong all across the state

Mohanlal's Shikkar
God's own Superstar Mohanlal's this years Ramzan release Shikkar has been well accepted by the viewers and is now declared as one of the big hits of this year. This new Mohanlal starer is still running in almost all the major centers in Kerala and has grossed over 10 crores within it's 22 day run, which is an extra ordinary statistics. The film is still continuing it's hunt in about 48 centers.

Lal Jose directed Elsamma Enna Aankutty is also doing a descent job at the Kerala Box office, though the collection of this film is not even half way mark closer to what Shikkar had earned. This film too is running in almost all the major centers in Kerala and had collected around 4.8 crores with it's 4 week run at the box office. The film is still remaining in about 47 centers.

Among this years Ramzan releases, Mammootty's Pranchiyettan & The Saint remains at the third spot and the film has earned around 4 crores from it's 4 week run at the Kerala Box office. The sad thing related with this film is that this film has now been removed from some of the major releasing stations in Kerala. Also the film is remaining only in about 23 centers all across the state.

Vande Matharam, yet another Mammootty starer that released two weeks after the Ramzan releases was a disaster at the Kerala Box office. The film was not even able to fetch a descent initial for it and as a result the film got hold over from almost all the major centers in it's first week itself. This film only collected around 1.5 crore in total from it's 2 week run at the Kerala Box office and is only remaining in less than 10 theaters all across the state.

It's quite clear that with the release of Superstar Rajnikant's magnum opus Enthiran, the most affected films happens to be Mammootty's both the films, Pranchiyettan & The Saint and Vande Matharam. The other two films, Shikkar and Elsamma Enna Aankutty were able to stand strong against the great wave created by directed Shanker's Enthiran at the Kerala Box office.

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