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Friday, August 27, 2010

Once again Azhikode against Mohanlal

The most interesting news that comes out today about our God's own Superstar Mohanlal is that popular veteran writer Sukumar Azhikode has filed a petition against him for defaming his image among the public. Azhikode has also demanded ten lakh rupees as compensation for it.

Earlier, the issue between Sukumar Azhikode and Mohanlal started with the Tilakan case, when the reowned writer publicly made his support to Tilakan. The writer even went on to say that Mohanlal has grown old and should limit himself to roles matching his age and figure. He also added that Mohanlal should stop making money by endorsing jewellery.

Mohanlal hit back by saying that Azhikode must be suffering from some "hallucination", and he considered Azhikode's statements as some "aged uncle's joke". He also said that it was not for Azhikode to decide whether he should stop acting. It went on to become the most worst episode in the history of much acclaimed kerala culture.

AMMA has earlier suited a file against Azhikode for making statements that defames them and that case is to come in court by next month. Interestingly, Azhikode has filed a similar case in opposite to it and everybody in and around Malayalam film industry are awaiting the reaction by our beloved Mohanlal.

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