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Friday, July 9, 2010

Review : Oru Naal Varum

'Oru Naal Varum' the much awaited film from our Universal star Mohanlal has released today in around 70 centers, all across Kerala. This film, which is being directed by T K Rajeev Kumar was produced by the actor turned producer Manianpillah Raju. This film which was completed much before was not able to get released due to various reasons.

The main thing related with this Mohanlal-Sreenivasan starrer is that it is a gud family entertainer with almost all the needed ingredients for a family hit. This film excelled in almost all parts and is expected to get the much anticipated hit for our Mohanlal. It should be noted that this film is having some drawbacks of it's own also.

This film is all about the story of an ordinary citizen who is forced to run after files paying bribes and offering presents to every officers on the way, to help him to realize his dream of building a house of his own. The film starts with this theme and later proceeds with some unexpected twists and turns in it.

In the acting side, as usual Mohanlal is the highlight of this film with his ease and simple performance of the character. He also surprised the viewers with his trademark expressions that everyone thought he had lost somewhere in his path to stardom. Sreenivasan, who is in an equally important role, was able to stand upto the challenge put forward by the lead actor, Mohanlal.

The major let down was that Bollywood beauty Sameera Reddy, who was expected to perform much in this film was offered a nothing to perform character. Also the performance by the other lead lady Devayani was not that great. Others in the cast, including Suraj, Nedumudi Venu and others have made their roles into perfection.

In the technical side, this film is not an extraordinary brilliant one, but an usual film with a very common technical perfection in it. Sreenivasan had done a descent job with the script, though it is nowhere near his previous best films. The music department of this film is just simply ok and the background score was really superb. The major letdown comes in the department of direction and the editing, which according to me should have improved a lot.

All in all, this new film 'Oru Naal Varum' has opened in a tremendous manner all across the state and as per the first day reports, it is going to be the first major hit for our Mohanlal in 2010. According to me, this film is a worth watch for almost all type of Malayalam cinegoers..

My Movie Verdict : Good
Rating : 4.0/5.0

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  1. i am a mammotty fan but i like the movie,its worth watching

  2. nice movie and everyone must watch it...the movie got a good theme..

  3. good to see Mohanlal-Sreeni combination back on screen....anyway the movie was a nice attempt and will be a sure super hit of 2010


  5. superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr movie .

  6. I am a lal fan .My major worry is that the attack that Lal films are facing from different parts.Even if ONV is a good movie it is facing unneccessry comments from media and some crapy sites.They give huge importance to movies like pokkiri raja
    (such a crap movie,the worst ever in malayalam)and not supporting good movies like ONV.Now the producers and distibutors must market the films to the family audience and should counter attack this unethical comments.Mohanlal movies always lack the marketing intelligence.The producers must market the movie very well.Nobody would like to go to theatres nowa days.You must pull them with some good marketing techniques.You have a good product in hand market it brilliantly and you will get the results

  7. lal fans should start to support good movies.We must support movies like brahmaram,ividam swargamanu ,ONV etc.The problem is that we are concentrating on mass movies like SAJ,Shikkar,Redchillies etc We must support our lalettans good movies too

  8. Shame on you sify.You must show some more responsibility to your readers.It is true that ONV has not given a bumper opening at BO.But then tell us which family movie has got the huge opening recently.Kadha thudarunnemummy and me,Pramani,Drona,Kaioppu,Loudspeaker,Paleri Manikyam,Kerala Kafe,Daddy cool....none of these movies have given a great opening.The bumper kind of opening will be provided by mass masal entertainers.If you want to see that wait for shikkar,christian brothers,kandahar or comodies like casanova,chinatown etc...Don't put such crapy articles.Just for the reason one or two films have not given a big start,does this mean that lal has lost his magic.Shame on you sify in p[utting such a irresponsible comment on kerala's biggest crowd puller.Leave the factor that he is a crowd puller but you shpuld consider the that he is the finest actor in the country.Putting such a damaging comment on the 5th or 6th day of a movie,this is unethical.After all it is not a bad movie,it is a watchable,a decent movie.far far better than craps like recent malayalam movies like pokkiri raja,chattambi naadu,pappi appacha,inn ghost house etc.Sreeni and lal have tried to give a good movie without all those nonsense comodies,funny dances and tamil style fights...They have made a movie which is more near to real life , a common man's problem.Atleast you should have give a respect to that effort.shame on you sify.Giving two or three average opening means somebody lost their magic then what will you say to the opening of lodspeaker,palerimanikyam,drona,kaioppu,pramani etc....Mammootty got a hit like pokkiriraja (they are claiming it is a hit even if it is one of the worst movies in malayalam and also with the support of prthivi)after 10 0r 12 flops.Even pazhassiraja was one of the highest grossed film of 2009 it was a box office disaster when considering the prodiction cost.Is that mean Mammootty lost his magic.We don't believe that .mammootty is still and will be one of our most trusted actor and star.Family films always opens like theis,take the case of thanmathra it opened slowly but picked up and went on to became a hit.ONV with good marketing methods for family audience will defntly become a decent performing movie.Sify must show some kind of reponsibility to malayalam film industry .You must think twice or thrice before posting such irresponsible comments.

  9. Great Theme ,Good movie


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