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Monday, December 14, 2009

Mohanlal back on to the stages

Universal star Mohanlal is known to be one of the finest actor our country has ever produced. He had proved this by enacting various memorable roles and two among those were from his drama's Chayamukhi and Karnabharam. Those who have seen these two dramas won't forget the role of Bheema in Chayamukhi and Karnan in Karnabharam.

Now Mohanlal is all set to do the third drama in his career, which will be an adaptation of ONV's Ujjaini, to the stage. In this classical drama, Mohanlal will enact the emotional chaos of Kalidasa, the legendary poet. Mukesh and his troupe who were the producers of his Chayamukhy will also come together for this theatre production.

The other main thing to be noted with this drama is that Mohanlal will play a multitude of characters in this drama and by this time itself we can conclude it quite clearly that this new characterisations by the versatile actor will become another milestone in his acting career.

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