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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mohanlal in Rajeevnath's Mahendrajaalam

Diretor Rajeevnath is a well known director for his artisitc movies which are not of commercial type. Sources indicate that Rajeevnath is going to start his first commercial movie which features Mohanlal in the key role. The movie is titled as Mahendrajaalam which also features Reema Kallingal, Anoop Menon and Raj Tushy.

Another hot news about the new malayalam movie Mahendrajaalam is that Anoop Menon doing the script of the movie. Rajeevnath's last venture was Pakal Nakshatrangal and the movie failed at the box office miserably. Only good thing for the movie is the appreciation got and almost good response were taken by Anoop Menon and the director Rajeevnath was left wallowing in misery. This made him to change his style of direction and move to take commercial movies.

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