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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mohanlal with a british actress in Alexander The Great

One of the latest news about Alexander,the role played by Mohanlal in Aexander the Great is a scene which was shot at the swimming pool of Udaya Samudra in Kovalam and featured Mohanlal, Jagadish and a British girl Mary.Malayalam superstar Mohanlal massaged an English woman for a scene in his upcoming film ‘Alexander The Great’.

The scene, shot a few days back at a swimming pool in Kovalam, had Mohanlal giving the body massage to a bikini-clad foreigner named Mary. Though the sequence had a sensuous undertone, it was primarily a comedy scene with actor Jagadish teasing Mohanlal on massaging the white lady.

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  1. What a pimp.

    "Chris is Starving!"


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