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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brahmaram Releasing Tomorrow

Atlast the confusion is over and the shoot out between Mohanlal and Mammootty on June 25, as anticipated by the trade has been avoided. Now it is confirmed that Mohanlal’s Bhramaram will release on that day and Mammootty’s Pattanathil Bhootham will release a week later on July 2.

It will give the Mohanlal- Bhoomika film directed by Blessy and distributed by Max Lab a clear one week without any opposition. The film as of now is releasing in 80 screens while the Mammootty film will be opening bigger in 111 screens as it is a mass film.

Bhramaram is the first road movie in the malayalam and first suspense action movie from Blessy. Even media have no idea about the movie and the character name of Mohanlal in the movie. As per reports, the movie Bhramaram will be a new breakthrough in malayalam cinema. Blessy says "No one other than Mohanlal in indian film industry can do ther role in Bhramaram". This shows the highclass performance of lalettan in the movie.

Wait for some more hours to see the unseen saga of revenge ...

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